On this rugged Asian peninsula, where over seventy percent of the land is comprised of sprawling ridgelines, it is little wonder that much beauty lies beyond the clouds that blanket the base of its mountains. This collection of images wasn’t borne out of intentions of creating a project, but of my love of losing myself above the clouds. As I explored more of the nation’s rugged tops, it made sense to document a collection of South Korea’s lofty escapes: from the iconic crags of Seoraksan rising above her mists like the spine of some mythical creature; the raw beauty of Jirisan and her gentle sun-kissed valleys ablaze with red maple; to majestic Halla, her crater proudly thrusting skywards from the depths of the Pacific Ocean; and beyond. The true beauty of Korea can be appreciated from no finer a spot than one of her perches in the sky.

The photographs in this project were shot in a variety of Korea’s mountainous regions, including the Seoraksan National Park, Wolchulsan, Tongyeong and neighbouring karst-cliff Somaemuldo, as well as Jeju’s Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and, of course, the mighty Halla-san.