So the blog has been up-and-running for a few posts, yet in the rush to get content out at a rate of knots (think complicated sailing knots that only boy scouts could understand), it would appear I that I’ve neglected to cover what we’re all about here at The Lost Lens Chris Cusick Photography. I figured the best way to explain was with an interview with the creator, Chris Cusick, but that presented a few problems given that we’re more of a “Me” than a “We” here… sort of a one-man band, if you like, and so finding an interviewer was a little tricky. But if there’s one thing we/I won’t stand for, it’s defeatism, and so without further adieu, I give you an interview with myself, by myself.

MyselfSo what’s the blog all about?
Me: It’s kind of a travel meets photography sort of vibe, but not in the way you might think. Nowadays, “Travel photography” makes us think of a particular style of photography, a genre; yet the travelling part seems to have been lost – most travel photography seems to stem from a brief stay in an exotic location, not from a TRAVELING photographer. The blog is really about showing that a life on the road is possible, re-connecting travel and photography in a more permanent way.

Myself: What led you to blogging?
To be honest, I originally wanted to find a blog on travelling as a photographer, not write one; but that turned into a bit of a hopeless predicament and a lot of wasted hours. With the prevalence of travel photography, I really expected I’d have more luck in finding what I needed. There have to be more photographers travelling with their cameras, but they’re needles in a haystack. You’ll find plenty of the “three weeks in Europe, leave your stuff in your fancy hotel room” sort, but I’m more of an “everything I own strapped to my back” kinda guy. I would read advice on travelling that completely went against something recommended in the photography sphere of things; I know the two can co-exist, but there’s not exactly a wealth of information out there on how to go about making both work for you. I’m not saying that I’m necessarily the expert, but I hope with what little experience I’ve picked up along the way, I could at least save someone just starting out the confusion and contradictions I suffered. And so I started blogging…

Myself: Who do you think the blog will appeal to?
Me: There’ll be a little of something here for everyone, but I think it’d appeal most to fellow photographers, particularly the adventurous, and those with an eye on the finances. We don’t all have the budget for professional gear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach those dreamy, off-the-beaten track destinations we see in the magazines: it’s just a matter of being clever about how we do it. Lovers of travel and those who want to peer through my window on the world will be similarly well-catered for, too, with plenty of photographs to tempt you into booking a flight.

Myself: What topics do you think you’ll write about?
Me: Travelling shutterbugs from beginners to the more-serious should find everything you’ll need here: some philosophical stuff; advice on planning, packing, and gear selection; equipment and software reviews; tips and tricks to get the most from your photography; and even location-specific advice. If you’re not a photographer, there’ll be plenty of general travel-journalism thrown in, too, and even a dash of thought-provoking articles from myself and others. I also plan on blogging about the struggles of being a photographer; again, I’m not an expert, it’s all going to be about learning from experience.

Myself: What does 2014 hold?
I’m “travel-teaching” right now, as I didn’t have a lot of money behind me when I first got into photography. It’s been the perfect way to save money and buy gear without sacrificing travel and discovery, but 2014 will be my last year of it. Later this year I’m setting off for Siem Reap, Cambodia, and working on my photography without the need to teach, whilst also serving as a great hub to explore Southeast Asia. I’m hoping by that stage that I’d have the groundwork of my research done with regards what it takes to travel with photography as the end goal – I’ll have tested the water with a few “practice trips” around Korea and elsewhere to figure things out a little more. I’ll be sharing all my discoveries along the way. Also, as a photographer, I couldn’t leave Korea without having done it photographic justice – I hope to have a catalog of images capable of inspiring a few more would-be-travellers to venture out this way, and to encourage those already here to get out of the larger cities and see some of the real Korea.

Myself: Well, I think that about wraps things up, Chris. Thanks for taking the time out.
Me: Don’t mention it, Chris; always a pleasure.