Last Saturday saw ‘Big Day South’ descend upon Daegu. As a lover of live music (this being such a rarity in my neck of the woods), I couldn’t resist its draw. Camera in hand, I paid into the event and waited wondering if this would be yet another disappointing small indie-music festival, the kind that occurs so infrequently yet all-too often, if you catch my drift, outside of the mega-city on the Han. The idea behind the event, said Ali Safavi grinning widely with mic in hand, was to show people that great music need not be confined to Seoul. And how right he was. With ear-burstingly good live music, the like of which I’ve not heard since leaving England, with spoken word and all manner of other performers in attendance, the event didn’t disappoint. As a frequent visitor to Daegu, I must admit that Big Day South felt a huge success, and was a refreshing void-filler for the evening, something I, for one, would like to see more regularly. My next Daegu night just won’t feel the same.

Click on any of the images below to open in Lightbox where you can see further descriptions as well as the settings used to capture them. Enjoy.

My photography from this event was selected to be featured in a Big Day South documentary. My work gets all of my passion and a considerable chunk of my time despite a rather hectic lifestyle, and so I must admit, it feels incredibly gratifying for those efforts to have been recognised. Thanks to all who made this happen. You can see the video here.