Three years ago, I would never have believed you if you’d said I’d be hosting photography tours in Cambodia. Two years ago to the day, October 24th 2014, I spent my final hours in South Korea teaching one last photography workshop on Geoje Island. I then grabbed my worldly belongings (a whole suitcase full!) and boarded a bus to Busan wherefrom I’d catch my flight to Cambodia to meet up with my girlfriend and my dog. They’d been in Southeast-Asia since August, having ditched the ESL life in lieu of a position at an international school in Siem Reap (my girlfriend that is, not the dog – she’d be a terrible teacher with her stubborn dachshund ways!). I’d thoroughly enjoyed my time in Korea, but it was time to move on; I wasn’t exactly sure which way life would take me, but was determined to orient it as much as possible towards photography. I worried things wouldn’t work out.


Two years later I’m delighted to say that my worrying had been needless. Since arriving in Cambodia, I’ve managed to combine my two passions, photography and teaching, into a fulfilling role as a photography workshop host. Each week, I get to meet people from all walks of life who come to Cambodia to make beautiful images and to grow as a photographer; it’s nothing short of a privilege to be able to help them do so, or to believe wholly in what I do. While some of my work still comes through agencies, for the most part I’m able to say I’m a freelancer standing on my own two feet, doing what I love to support my modest lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that wouldn’t suit everyone: I’m not likely to be making my first $1million anytime soon (if ever!), and getting up at 3:30am to set up a tripod at a mosquito infested pool isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s a lifestyle I wouldn’t dream of swapping!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to any and all of you who’ve put the faith in me to lead your photography tours in Cambodia. I’ve enjoyed each and every minute of it; I hope you did too!